USD70,000 Tesla Model Y Review

Posted by Ed 3 mths ago 

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Ed 3 mths ago
Tesla Ranks Dead Last In Annual JD Power Auto Quality Survey
FREMONT (CBS SF / CNN) — J.D. Power released its annual quality study and it’s terrible news for Bay Area-based Tesla, which ranked dead last among the 32 automotive brands it measured.

The Initial Quality Study, now in its 34th year, measures vehicle quality for the first 90 days of ownership and found that Teslas suffered 250 problems per 100 vehicles reported by buyers.
That is stunningly higher than the industry average of 166 problems, according to J.D. Power.

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Ed 2 mths ago
Paint is peeling off my model y bumper and they refuse to repair because it's outside of the 7-day return window. car has 180 miles on it.    Video
Model Y plastic panel dragged on the freeway bc a bolt fell off. All service centers are closed. What are we supposed to do?   Video 
Dear @elonmusk better do a tour of the factory and review the model Y mfg. process. Your quality control manager is allowing huge defects to get through the build and shipped to customers. I have one on order, is making many of us nervous. Hire quality person from Toyota

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ammocave 2 mths ago
this is not very good news, did not expect this)))))

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Ed 2 mths ago
I was driving my Tesla Model 3 in the rain with 2 other people in the car when all of a sudden we heard a big BOOM! 

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