Are HK Leaders 'Out to Lunch?'

Posted by Ed 55 days ago
With virus flip-flops, Hong Kongers ponder whether their leaders are out to lunch
As a ban on dine-in eating took effect here Wednesday, a construction union asked members on Facebook where they were having their lunch.

One said he was "having a side of sawdust" and posted a photo of his takeout box at his building site. Another wrote that his bread got wet after a sudden downpour, so he abandoned his meal. Several shared photos of workers huddled under walkways or on sidewalks, eating on the ground as people passed by.
"For seven months, we've been wearing masks, washing hands, trying to distance and staying at home, but then the government let in thousands and thousands of people with no testing or quarantine and now we have the third wave," said the man, who gave only his last name, Sze. "What did we do wrong to deserve this?"

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