Green School Healing Crystal / Covid Controversy

Posted by Ed 53 days ago 
Couple who stated that  COVID 'is a manufactured natural disaster' has been allowed to hold a 'DNA activation' event at the Green School campus in New Zealand
The Green School, a private school with tuitions as high as $45,000 per year, has received a $11.8 million dollar tax payer grant from the New Zealand government.   The Green School authorized and hosted a 'sacred ceremony' run by a parent of a child at the school who is on record as stating he believes that COVID is a manufactured natural disaster.

The Green School parent who refers to himself as a 'new age architect' also plans to introduce a $15,000 tour of New Zealand that includes planting crystals with involvement from the Green School's students.

Christof and Alaya Melchizedek were keen to be selling the tour that involved stopping at the private Green School in Taranaki for the "main solstice piece" - a multiple day activity involving children from the school.
In a video, Christof Melchizedek explained, "We're going to be laying down a crystal bed. Everyone will be bringing crystals from all around the world. We are going to be unifying them and bringing in this 5th dimensional consciousness," 
In an extensive post on Facebook, Melchizedek suggested that  COVID was a "manufactured natural disaster", a "UN 2030 vision" including "vaccinated nanochip technology" and "looming possibility of vaccination agendas"   
The post was deleted after Newshub approached the Melchizedeks.
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