Green School Healing Crystal / Covid Controversy

Posted by Ed 43 days ago 
Couple who called COVID-19 'manufactured natural disaster' held 'DNA activation' event at Green School
Newshub can reveal the Green School which received nearly $12 million in Government funding hosted a 'sacred ceremony' run by a school parent who believes COVID-19 is a manufactured natural disaster.

The self-described 'new age architect' also planned a $15,000 tour of New Zealand that included planting crystals with the school's students.

Christof and Alaya Melchizedek were excited to be selling the tour that would stop at the privately-owned Green School in Taranaki for the "main solstice piece" - a two-day activity with the children. 
"We're going to be laying down a crystal bed. Everyone will be bringing crystals from all around the world. We are going to be unifying them and bringing in this 5th dimensional consciousness," Christof Melchizedek explained in a video.
In a long Facebook post on Sunday, Melchizedek described COVID-19 as a "manufactured natural disaster", a "UN 2030 vision" including "vaccinated nanochip technology" and "looming possibility of vaccination agendas" - all baseless claims circulated by conspiracy theorists.
The post was deleted after questions from Newshub.

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