Expat on Trial in HK -- You Be The Judge

Posted by Ed 40 days ago
Did He Aid and Abet this Assault?
A retiree deliberately enabled the assault of a banking consultant from mainland China during an anti-government protest in Hong Kong’s main business district last year, a court was told on Wednesday.
Swiss-born Marc Gerard Progin, 75, has denied one count of aiding and abetting disorder in a public place over his encounter with JPMorgan Chase employee Lin Nan during a demonstration on October 4. That day, hundreds of demonstrators assembled in Central during lunchtime to protest against a government mask ban, which was to take effect the following day.
Eastern Court heard on Wednesday that protesters besieged Xian-born Lin, 30, after he filmed the gathering outside Chater House, where the American investment bank’s offices are situated.
Video footage played in court showed protesters directing profanities at Lin and repeatedly chanting in Cantonese: “Return to the mainland.”
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Here's the video:

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WatersRunDeep1 34 days ago
I believe the picture, as the introduction to this article, is unconscious bias. Biases are social stereotypes about certain groups of people that individuals form outside their own conscious awareness. By having a picture of a Blackman in handcuffs, when the article, is about a Swiss-born Marc Gerard Progin,75, who is clearly white. I am very disappointed about your unconscious beliefs about various social and identity groups, and these biases stem from one’s tendency to organize social worlds by categorizing.

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Ed 33 days ago
If you are suggesting I have a bias...  the article is from the SCMP ... the video is... the video... 
If I was the judge... well no... if I was the prosecutor... and the police brought this video to me I would have tossed it in the bin and told them to stop wasting my time and go find the man who punched the victim in the head.   
Progin very obviously did not purposely enable this assault.  He appears to be trying to take photographs of the incident and happened to be between the door and the victim.   
Why Progin was charged and why this has made it to trial is beyond me.   
Meanwhile dozens of triads who beat the daylights out of innocent women in the MTR some months ago (and whose faces are on video) have not been apprehended.   Surely dealing with that should take priority over arresting an elderly man for taking photos?

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WatersRunDeep1 33 days ago
I don’t have a problem with the article, I agree with you 100%. The problem I have, is with the picture of, the Black man in handcuffs, with the headline saying, Expat On Trail in Hong Kong You Be The Judge. When you click on the article it talk about 75 year old man on trail. Who is White. Why does the picture have to be of a black man in handcuffs? When, no black man was involved in any way. That’s why I mentioned Biases, as Blacks are seen as criminals and that picture just enhances the stereotype.

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Ed 33 days ago
I didn't handle the newsletter version involving this story (and didn't actually look at the final send closely enough to notice that) but I completely agree ---  the photo selection was not appropriate.

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