Mall Owner Sues Chickeeduck Over HK Protest Display

Posted by Ed 2 mths ago 
Yet another Hong Kong shopping centre has sued children’s clothing chain Chickeeduck over its store display of anti-government protest statues, but the brand’s owner has vowed to keep “speaking out for justice”.
Chickeeduck founder and CEO Herbert Chow Siu-lung on Monday asked that global attention be brought to bear against what he described as “political suppression” aimed at the chain’s “Lady Liberty” display, after a fourth landlord demanded that he remove the statue.
The outspoken entrepreneur said while the display “seemed to have touched some invisible limits”, support from shoppers over the weekend better reflected mainstream Hong Kong views.
Chow said he would continue to use his stores as a platform to speak up for justice, announcing plans to show news footage highlighting police use of force – targeting teenagers, the elderly, women and children – in six branches on October 1.
“Hopefully [that] will move the police commissioner to give the public a reasonable account,” he said.

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