The Story of Civilization

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(Nov 9, 1981) Will Durant, a historian and philosopher who won a Pulitzer Prize with his wife, Ariel, for a volume of their ''Story of Civilization,'' died late yesterday. He was 96 years old.

A spokesman for Cedars-Sinai Hospital here confirmed that Mr. Durant died of heart failure about 11 P.M., apparently without ever learning that his wife had died Oct. 25 at 83. News of her death was kept from Mr. Durant, who had been under intensive care for three weeks after surgery.

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One day in 1912, as he lay ill with dysentery in Damascus, 27-year old Will Durant conceived ''The Story of Civilization.'' He did not get around to starting it until 1927, but when it was completed in 1975, it packaged more than 110 centuries of human history in 11 volumes.

Dr. Durant's inspiration was the 19th-century British historian Henry Thomas Buckle, who wrote ''An Introduction to the History of Civilization'' but died in Damascus in 1862 before he was able to continue the history itself.

If you are after a comprehensive (and I do mean comprehensive) yet compelling history of civilization, this is it.   I'm into book 4 on Audible and it's an incredible series of books

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