Massive Riots in Washington DC in 2024

Posted by Ed 9 days ago
Breaking News February 1, 2021 
FBI Director Christopher Wray  released details of how the Chinese Communist Party influenced the US presidential election ensuring that Joe Biden triumphed over Donald Trump.
The CCP spent over $50 million dollars purchasing ads on social media with the intention of promoting the Biden candidacy.  It was also revealed that Biden is receiving monthly payments of $1 million dollars from the CCP to promote Chinese business and political interests.
Republican Party leaders including Mitch McConnell called for the impeachment of Joe Biden. 
More to come on this story over the next four years.   
Breaking News January 1, 2024
Glenn Greenwald, who previously exposed the blatant FBI and MSM collusion in falsely accusing Donald Trump of being controlled by Russia (here and here) has written a lengthy article detailing how the Director of the FBI and others within the organization falsified evidence claiming that the CCP influenced US elections and was paying Joe Biden a monthly salary of $1 million dollars. 
As in the run up to the 2021 presidential election when a Reuters poll indicated that 'despite report findings, almost half of Americans think Trump colluded with Russia,' a new poll indicates that nearly 50% of Americans believe Biden is controlled by the CCP.
Not a single FBI official has been prosecuted or even punished for inventing this scandal. 
Breaking News November 26th 2024 
'I'm Back!' declared a smiling and smug Donald Trump as he steamrolled Joe Biden who's first term has been spent embroiled in the China-gate scandal.
Breaking News January 6, 2025
ANTIFA protesters burned down Washington today.   
Leader of the violent rebellion Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated 'we will not accept the FBI criminality in fabricating these lies about Joe Biden and bitterly resent that the MSM repeated the obvious lies for the past 4 years on a daily basis turning the electorate against our candidate Joe Biden.   Therefore we have decided to burn it down' 

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