Wiggles Receive Death Threats in New Zealand

Posted by Ed 53 days ago
The Wiggles reportedly received death threats over getting spots in managed isolation for their New Zealand tour.

During an interview with The Project, Blue Wiggle Anthony Field and Red Wiggle Simon Pryce spoke about the backlash they experienced when they were granted places in hotel quarantine.

"We were in Australia when it happened, we were just following orders ... so we thought we'd done everything right, and then we started getting death threats on email, and we thought, what's going on in New Zealand?"

Field added: "We apologise for whatever we caused, and of course, if we took someone's place that we shouldn't have we would give that place up tomorrow or yesterday.

"Apologies for all that kerfuffle that we caused inadvertently."

Field told The Project they spent their 14-day MIQ stay at the Holiday Inn Auckland Airport, and he praised staff for the "beautifully run" experience.


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