Winter Is Coming: Can Energy Catastrophe Be Averted?

Posted by Ed 10 mths ago 

“While the news about the energy crisis focuses in on Europe right now, the truth is that this is rapidly becoming a global crisis impacting global markets…

“The stark reality is that there will be no quick fixes from here, for the simple fact that none are available… winter is coming, and potential energy disaster is coming with it.” 

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Ed 10 mths ago

EU Politicians Panic As Natgas Prices Explode 40% Overnight


Europe's power crunch is roiling energy markets Wednesday as Dutch and U.K. natural gas futures jumped 60% in just two days, hitting record highs along with soaring power prices.

Front-month Dutch natgas futures rose an astonishing 40% today to a record 162.125 euros per megawatt-hour after a 20% move higher on Tuesday. U.K. natgas futures surged 39% today, hitting 40 dollars. 

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