Smash-And-Grab Flashmobs Target Louis Vuitton Stores

Posted by Ed 14 days ago

The effects of allowing chaos to prevail in Democrat-controlled US cities will destroy local commerce as businesses flee to safer areas. San Francisco officials have disregarded law and order with the passing of Proposition 47, which lowered penalties for thefts under $950 has sparked dramatic increases in shoplifting.

By now, readers are well familiar with nearly two dozen Walgreens stores in San Francisco that have closed up shop due to the high rate of thefts (read: here & here).

Ahead of the holiday shopping season, flashmobs are stepping up their game and targeting ultra-luxury retailers. On Friday night, videos surfaced on social media showing folks breaking through the front entrance of a Louis Vuitton store in San Francisco's Union Square and making off with tens of thousands of dollars in purses and handbags. 

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