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Posted by kanhan 3 yrs ago
If you're looking for a convenient and affordable space or venue in Hong Kong for your classes specifically Martial Arts such as Muay Thai, Judo, Aikido, Karate, TaekWonDo, Wing Chun, Private Training. or for your Dance Class venues, Yoga, other types of classes is welcome too just let me know. You may rent it daily, one off, or be a regular to secure your time and day

Venue Cost: $150 per hour
Venue timings: from 6am to 11pm Monday to Saturday

Venue info:
Mirrored wall
Available Judo Tatami Mat
Available Punching Bags

Still to be decided either in Sheung Wan, Kwun Tong, San Po Kong.

Please let me know if you'd be interested to rent, partner up, etc.


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Poppy125 3 yrs ago
Can you please let me know where in Sheung Wan is the venue. Do you have yoga mats?


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sophia0916 3 yrs ago
Hi, I would like to book for Taekwondo classes venue. May I know more details? Could you please contact me through Thanks.

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