This Lunch Secret is Getting Out



Posted by Ed 36 days ago
For those of you working in Central, I'm going to let you in on a little secret....  
I was making my way back to the office from the fitness centre in the IFC, and noticed this place called the Duck and Waffle....  what a strange name for a restaurant.   
Apparently (as I learned afterwards) it's HUGE in London.... 
Anyway, I poked my nose in to see what it was all about.  I did not see any ducks. Or waffles.
Being busy I seldom go out for lunch so I was very excited when I saw this splendid array of take-away hot food and salads... 
$80 bucks for 3 salads options..  $110 for hot food + salads.  Perfect!
I had the salad option on Wednesday.   And today there were different choices so I again had the salad option again.   My wife was commenting on how slim and trim I was looking --- so I will have the salad option again on Friday.  Or perhaps I shall splurge and try the hot option....
Words are meaningless when the symphony is put to pictures... so I will leave you with this... you make your own call...  will it be tasty salads from the Waffle and Duck for lunch tomorrow...   or Burger King.   


Yooey 34 days ago
Nice! The look of the kitchen alone makes me want to give it a try. Defnitely on the to do list now.

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