OFX takes the hassle out of your international payments


Posted by RR 3 mths ago


Whether you’re sending money back home, paying for your kids’ overseas tuition or just want to keep more of your money as it travels around the world – OFX takes the hassle out of your international payments.

If you immediately think of using your bank to transfer money overseas, you may want to reconsider. That’s because banks can charge large margins, in addition to a flat transaction fee.

Transferring money using a global money transfer specialist, such as OFX, can deliver significant savings through great rates, zero transaction fees* and can help you save time with OFXperts on hand to help 24/7. You can also book and track your transfers via the OFX app, so no matter where you are you can stay in touch with your money.

When British expat David Reynolds moved to Asia he found he was regularly making overseas payments, "I needed to manage my income and savings between two different currencies...Price is obviously very important as a lot of people, including myself, are quite price sensitive. But you’ve also got to have the trust and efficiency of that service, and a great user experience”.
Thankfully he found both with OFX.
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