Needing a Powerful Projector

Posted by BruceDayank 7 mths ago
Does anyone have or know someone who has a very powerful projector for rent, sale or borrow? I want to show outdoor movies and need something a bit more powerful than the ones I find in the shops.

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ksinhk 7 mths ago
Hi there, what size of the projection are you after?

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BruceDayank 6 mths ago
G'day Ksinhk,
Sorry about the delay, first of all it was through the holidays but the main reason was because your email ended up in my Spam folder!! Luckily I was going through it for another lost contact and found yours.
I want the projector to be able to project an imagine onto the side of a building, say at least 50 meters.
Thank you for answering me in the first place and Have another Happy New Year...

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