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Posted by TSPS 5 mths ago
October Highlights

The first major English event at Confucian Tai Shing Primary School kicked off at the end of October with English Week. Activities included English speaking opportunities and incentives for students such as:
• Interactive games like Twister
• Speaking challenges like tongue twisters
• Sight word searches and matching games
• “Get a sticker” through “seek and speak with English teachers” challenge
The English Week highlight was Book-o-ween. In the spirit of Halloween, we focused on traditionally ghoulish themes like ghosts and monsters, but also incorporated classic literary and fairytale characters. Each class adapted stories into stage performances and musicals. The aim of Book-o-ween was to foster students’ interest in reading, develop their creativity and self-confidence, and provide them with authentic English language learning experiences.

Are you still looking for a school place for the 2019/2020 academic year? Contact us at 2320- 3301 to take a school tour and bring your children to enjoy a lesson with us.

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