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Posted by chunkyonion 4 mths ago


When tasked with planning a corporate event like an anniversary cocktail reception, industry conference or staff annual dinner, many people are unsure of when they should contact an event planner.

As someone who manages an event planning company, I advise you to contact a knowledgeable event professional early in the process. An experienced event planner will provide critical insight that can save you time, money and hassle. For example, they can advise on:

1. Venue selection - what venues are best suited for your event and what places you should avoid. What might seem like a great venue to a guest might not be practical for setting up and running a real event. (When it comes to freight elevators, size matters).

2. Event structure - because event companies see lots of events, they know what works best and what doesn't. Designing an effective and realistic event rundown is key to the success of any function. We are happy to help with this.

3. Audio-visual requirements - most corporate events need video projection, lighting, and an audio system. An event management company can tell you what equipment you need and what you can live without.

4. Entertainment - Because of experience, an event pro can suggest the best performers for your event. We know all the bands, dancers, DJs and magicians in town.

These are just a few examples of important advice an event company can share in a 15-minute telephone call. So, once you know your company is doing an event, pick up the phone and call an event management company.


Chunky Onion Productions

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Ed 4 mths ago
As always, these are very helpful insights Dave.   
If we hold an AsiaXPAT gala, do you think you could supply party hats and those paper horn thingies that people blow on New Year's eve?   
Let's have a look at some of the events that Dave has put together:

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