15% OFF on Newly Released Mandarin Audio Lessons

Posted by AZMSL 33 days ago
A great way to improve Chinese listening skills is to use ears to learn Chinese first, eyes second. This is especially important for beginner students who are so often baffled by all the similar tones and many look-alike pinyin words.
With audio input, you can listen to the nuance of different words, and focus on your pronunciation at every lesson.
Following the previous release of Mandarin Express Intro Level A audio lessons, Intro Level B audio lessons have just been made available. 15% discount is available till May 15, 2021.
There are 12 audio lessons in this latest release. Two of them are free. Listen to these two lessons here: https://mslmaster.com/index.php/mandarin-lessons/11-lessons/191-mandarin-express-intro-level-b-audio-lessons

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