Good value accountant please!

Posted by SiB 6 yrs ago
Hi all,

I have a HK company that I need to submit my first accounts to the IRD for. It is super simple - one foreign property purchased in the USA and a few months' rental income received.

I only need the very minimum required for submission to the IRD. I've just had a quote of over HKD 20k which seems crazy for such a simple company.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions for another accountant who can help me for less.

Many thanks!


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Ed 6 yrs ago
Keith is good - and has very reasonable rates

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cookie09 6 yrs ago
I just started using Sunny at Info Pacific Global Business Services Limited

Tel: (HK) 82061801, 36112392 (China) 0755-82875428, 15018507968

Fax: (HK) 81471892


WhatsApp: +852 9722 0484

微信: 00852 9722 0484


Frankly no idea how good they are but then again i just need exactly what you needed, a simple accounting for a simple company. and he is very affordable indeed

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traineeinvestor 6 yrs ago
I use C W Ip & Co for a small company holding a couple of properties in HK. The combined fees for preparing the accounts, doing the audit and preparing and filing the annual returns with the CR and IRD are less than HK$20K.

Contact is Maggie Chan 2838 8399

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KAWAConsulting 5 yrs ago
Hi Simon,

Are you still looking for another accountant to complete your accounts and complete filing for you?

If yes, please feel free to drop me an email at and I can provide you with some more information.

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hugeflyingcat 5 yrs ago
There are many accountants who offer good services at affordable fee level. I use Ant Consulting for this. Contact Anthony at If you need the contact number, let me know.

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