Food licence consultant

Posted by 4G 6 yrs ago
Looking for a food licence consultant?

Anyone used their services and like to share their experiences. Any recommendations, greatly appreciated.

Also is it difficult to get a FEHD licence, doing everything yourself?

Thanks in advance.

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mmmaimai 6 yrs ago
Please pm me as I have a lot of experience in the field and maybe I might be able to help ur situation

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chokolate 5 yrs ago
MMMAIMAI , in a related field question would you be able to help with recommending a POS system?

Thanks in advance.

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steven06 5 yrs ago

I have a series of questions which I would like to ask about licencing in HK. Could we perhaps arrange a meeting where I can go in more detail. Would this be possible, then you can tell me how much you charge and what service you can provide.


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manishshah 5 yrs ago
Steveno You are Right

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