Air freight shipping for fresh italian cheeses

Posted by Jeck 6 yrs ago
Does anyone know a trusted air freight company that can handle fresh goods from Phuket, Thailand to Hong Kong? Any idea how much it will cost me? Are they charging by weight or by space? Please help.

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terencet1898 6 yrs ago
Hi Jeck, my company is a logistics consultancy, please tell the details of your air freight shipments. What kind of fresh goods? What's the frequency of the shipments?What's the average weight and volumetric dimension of the shipment? Do you require land transport pickup or delivery? Please reply by return or text/whatsapp at 65600933. Cheers, Terence

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CarsonWW 5 yrs ago
hi, do you need the airport pickup service? i privately own a fridge truck, you can whatapps me at 95583771 if you need help.

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