Looking For An Affordable Office Near Central

Posted by jeanlo325 6 yrs ago
Hi! I want to look for a small office near Central, but my budget is quite limited. I won't be able to afford renting offices that are measured by the thousands. I have heard of shared offices and they seem to fit my criteria quite well. Does anyone know a convenient one around the area?

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dianechambers614 6 yrs ago
I was in the same shoes as you are half a year ago! If your budget is low yet you want an office near Central, the best option I'd suggest would be trying the co-working spaces. Specifically in Central, there is a convenient one called Wynd co-working space, I heard they recently opened up new private office rooms, so check them out for affordable small offices. I personally have used their co-working space, but back then they did not have the offices yet. Great service great space to work in nonetheless!

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jocelroberts 5 yrs ago
Working in shared office spaces actually offers a lot of benefits but there are certain things you need to keep in mind when selecting shared space for your business. You can look into this first: https://www.dandb.com/smallbusiness/what-to-look-for-when-choosing-shared-office-space/. Or just in case you change your mind and opt to rent office space, there are commercial property listing services online you can check.

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