Setting up small business on a dependent visa?

Posted by LaurieHK 5 yrs ago
Hi all, Having not found what i'm looking for on the government websites, I'm looking for a bit of help!
I will be moving to HK in 2 months time with my husband and will be on a dependent visa attached to his work visa. I've read that the dependent visa should give me eligibility to work, but I can't find any info on whether it lets me set up my own very small scale business? To give an idea, I plan to create handmade pieces from my own fabric designs and initially hope to start selling online. I don't plan on employing any staff and hope to work from home until I can afford to rent a small workshop.
Any info or tips would be very much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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Ed 5 yrs ago
My understanding is that a dependent spouse is allowed to start a business or be employed by a company -- without the need for a work visa.

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LaurieHK 5 yrs ago
Fab - that's just the news I wanted to hear. Thank you Ed. Do you happen to be able to direct me to any literature on that matter? I've done some more digging today and just can't find anything that confirms it.

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wrgii 5 yrs ago
Hi Laurie,

Firstly, anyone can start a business in HK, visa or no visa. One can be a 100% shareholder as well as a Director without a visa. This means you could set up your company prior to arriving in HK. A Limited Liability Company is easy and cheaply set up in about 10 days.

Now, legally, one cannot work in that company without the proper visa. With a Dependant Visa, however, you can work any where, any way in HK.

To set up a company, contact any lawyer office or any accountant office and they can do for you normally between HKD6,000 - HKD15,000.

I have a great accounting office if you want to PM me. Note: I am not affiliated with this company nor any other in this business, just a fellow entrepreneur.


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hugeflyingcat 5 yrs ago
Hello WRGII, do you mind sharing with me the accountant's details? Thanks. Cat

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