Planning move to HK

Posted by Adilenehk 5 yrs ago
I am planning move to hk next month, but nth settled so far. I would like to look for a apartment first and wish to near local french community. Who can give some advice? thanks!

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Hath 5 yrs ago
There are a range of places you could look there are many in the south side of the island and in discovery bay and around midlevels! to be fair though it really comes down to your budget

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Adilenehk 5 yrs ago
Thanks Hath and Patrick.
Indeed I can't speak English well just fine in written, would like to seek a french property agent to help.
Any referral? Thanks!

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jocelroberts 5 yrs ago
It's really good to hear that there are a lot of people who make decision to move in Hong kong. Such a great place, that's why! No worries, just like how many Hong Kong offices for rent are available in the area, the same goes with apartments. You just need to consider your budget. Good luck!

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