Help needed for staying in Sha Tin

Posted by wkclive 5 yrs ago
Dear All

I'll need your help to advise on what might be a good option for me if I intend to stay in Sha Tin for around 12 months, because I'll be working at near the Prince of Wales of Hospital.

I'll be alone, so I don't really need a large apartment.

I understand that housing rental in Hong Kong is probably the most expensive in the world.

My budget is < 18,000 HKD

Any recommendations?

I don't mind staying in a studio with a small kitchenette and attached bathroom.
Serviced apartment will be good.

I don't mind traveling a bit if it is convenient to get to City One MTR station.

Thanks in advance!!

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Ed 5 yrs ago
There are some serviced apartments in this area

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jerichot1982 5 yrs ago
I live in Shatin, so I can help

$18k is a very high budget, typical small sized apartments in Shatin doesn't cost that much. If you are paying $18k it is going to be newer buildings with clubhouses, with sizes around 500-600sqft.

Easiest place would be City One itself, the smallest flat is 395sqft, or 284 ft usable. Its roughly $10k. City One is a large estate. If you live in Block 40-52 its around 10, 15 minute walk to the hospital. You will need an extra 5 minutes if you live on the far corner of City One.

There is Prima Villa (Its next to Yue Chui Court), its even closer than City One, its a 10 min walk to the hospital. Its probably around 13, 14k.

If you don't mind something along the Ma On Sha rail lines, there are several new buildings which you can try. They are going to be close to the $18k range. Such as:
- Festival City (Tai Wai MTR), 5 minutes to City One MTR
- The riverside (Che Kung temple MTR), 3 minutes to City One MTR
- Double Cove/Lake Silver (Wu Kai Sha MTR) Around 15 minutes to City One MTR

It will take you another 10 minutes to walk from the City One MTR to the Prince of Wales Hospital.

There are also plenty of older buildings around Shatin Wai, its decent, and should cost around 8-9k. the downside is they are TINY, I've been in those flats before, its only around 220 sqft (usable)

There are a lot more options, instead of having me listing everyone of them, perhaps you can tell me what you want so I can narrow it down.

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wkclive 5 yrs ago
Wow thanks for your detailed explanation!

It will definitely be much better if it is a lot lesser than $18K HKD!

If possible the criteria I have will be
1) Near Prince of Wales Hospital
2) If possible, to be somewhere walking distance to New Town Plaza
3) Will be great if it comes furnished (save the money to buy furniture)
4) Will be great if it is a serviced apartment (studio size with a kitchenette will be good)
5) Size suitable for 1 person (I noticed most of them are at least 2-3 bedroom units). I wouldn't mind a cosy studio apartment if available.

I could not seem to find any cheap serviced apartment (reference to the rates at Cityloft ~10K) in the Sha Tin vicinity...

I've asked some property agents previously and the rental price they've quoted me is easily 2-4K higher than the amount you've quoted... Do they usually jack up the prices significantly?

Thanks a lot!

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jerichot1982 5 yrs ago
The best location is Shatin Wai, its right between the Prince of Wales Hospital and the New Town Plaza.

5-8 min walk to the hospital, 10 min walk to the New Town plaza.

All the buildings in the area are pretty old. The following is a street view from google map.,114.196424,3a,75y,157h,102.54t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1srqdj-MQ4OXxPMR-o4Iifkw!2e0

There is a single posh building in the area, I think its called the Kingswood Lodge. Although I am not even sure if there are even flats available for rent.

Some might come with furniture. You need to ask the agent.

Take a look at this site:

Filter the search criteria with $5k to $10k. Greenwood garden is literally next to the hospital. Just bear in mind these buildings are over 30 years old. So the lobby, elevators, decors are pretty old.

****EDIT: Also filter it by adding Shatin in the area *****

If you are looking for a proper service apartment, there is the Horizons Suite hotel. I am sure they do

Its nowhere near walking distance to the hospital or New Town Plaza, but they should have shuttle buses.


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wkclive 5 yrs ago
Thanks Jerichot1982!

Your advice is extremely useful and I really appreciate your effort!

I think the website looks very useful and some of the units looks reasonably furnished, thus can save the headache of sourcing for furnitures later on.

Greenwood and Garden Riviera region looks good.

Thank you!

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