Advise on opening SME account in Hong Kong

Posted by xaraliza 5 yrs ago
Does anyone know of a bank in Hong Kong where you can open a small business account without the shareholders physically present? (I will be the director and opening the account).

My friend has started a small social enterprise based in Bangladesh, so would be hard for the two shareholders to come to Hong Kong (one is American, the other Bangadeshi).

Seems like KYC procedures are very strict on this requirement across Hong Kong banks but just wanted to confirm this.

Thanks in advance!

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GregYoung 5 yrs ago
Its pretty much difficult for opening such account, because all the banks have same requirements such as KYC as it is the basic thing of opening an account. But it is also depend upon the type of account you are opening. I think you must concern some fund manager in hong kong for proper detail. I suggest you to go at

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