Looking to buy Plastic Injection Factory

Posted by NewVentureHK 5 yrs ago
I have a friend from USA looking to buy an established plastic injection molding business in China. (Small or Medium size okay).

Also looking to acquire:

1) Any existing trading/manufacturing business with plastic injection molded products (Profitable or not profitable company is okay)

2) Any plastic injection molded orders. (Willing to offer commission cut on fulfilled orders, and contract can be drafted to ensure your commission for entire new business you bring in).

Friend is intending to buy into one established plastic injection molding company, and acquire many smaller businesses/orders to build up to full production capacity in shortest period of time.

This is perfect opportunity for companies who are not profitable now with all the current heavy overheads. (But with restructuring like this opportunity, you can definitely stop losses and start making money).

Please PM me with your proposal if you have any friends interested.

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