Buying a property to live in the UK

Posted by Educator 5 yrs ago
My case:

I am a UK resident.
Been living here in HK for more than ten years
Own a small property with no mortgage in the UK

Planning to relocate to the UK in August 2016.
Want to buy a property during my visit to Hull in December for our residential use.
Have a deposit of 40,000 GBP

Looking to borrow 60,000 GBP

Not easy as an expat, seems buy to let not fit into our time frame.

Any tips

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OffThePeak 5 yrs ago
If you have a UK Sterling income, it will be far easier

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solideo_01 5 yrs ago
I understand HSBC, BOC and BEA will mortgage UK property if you have HK salary. However you may check with them the minimum amount they lend and the city where the property is. Some banks only lend for properties in big cities.

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