tenants and landlords again

Posted by Jilo 5 yrs ago
tenants and landlords:

This is about the 3 burner gas stove in the kitchen:

Saturday while cooking - the glass top suddenly cracked and shattered
with a loud noise.
Can not see the brand name but it seems to be sort of "build-in” top and was probably
delivered/installed same time with all the other gas stove appliances.
So old probably, just like everything in this otherwise nice flat in Queen's Terrace tw 3 - I'm even afraid to open the fridge.

Can I ask the landlord (mainland China) to share the replacement costs or is entirely
for me to cover the damage?

Many thanks

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traineeinvestor 5 yrs ago
If it is listed as one of the fittings provided by the landlord in your lease, then it is the landlord's obligation to repair or replace it (and I have) unless the lease says otherwise OR you caused/contributed to the breakage.

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Jilo 5 yrs ago
Thank you Traineeinvestor,
It is listed on the contract - but we did expect her to say "no pay" again, so we were prepared to cover.

However things turned out differently: the towngas representative came in, checked, inspected and decided that the gas stove in whole - is too old to be in use. He also mentioned that the all three Queens terrace towers are dealing with the same problem: old gas equipment due to be replaced few years ago!

So he turned off the gas, covered the stove with some papers and place a "do not use" note on it. He then asked for the landlord pointing to my IPhone - she wouldn't pick up (she does not speak English and I speak no mandarin/ Cantonese anyway) so put him through with the real estate agent.
They talked for a while and after this the towngas guy simply said "by, by" and left!

Don't know what's next - maybe the towngas need to get the landlord approval in order to replace the cooking stove all together?

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Greene King 5 yrs ago

For sure Towngas and the landlord need to agree on what to provide, when to install and at what price. As your contract is with the landlord you should reach out to the landlord to ask the same information (although price wise you don't need to know what it is other than confirm you won't be charged for it in any way).

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Jilo 5 yrs ago
Thank you Greene King,

The agent says the landlady wouldn't pay- "rent too small" is
apparently the reason! It was first the airco, then the bathroom,
now the stove,
And no, nobody forced her to accept the leasing on the first place!

So tired with all these - so much stress and energy for this nonsense really.
Is like the lease contract in HK is just a joke every landlord can laugh out loud about!

Afraid to think about the "return the deposit" issue
at the end of this lease, two months for now on!

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Jilo 5 yrs ago
On second thought -

If they have it in NYC (and Chicago and Ontario - just to mention the first two I found them with Google) why don't we have one in HK as well?


I hope some member here, knowing more about tenants/ landlords in HK, can tell us why there is no list of all those landlords in HK - those ignoring the lease agreement and getting away with it?We could even categories it - those who wouldn't return the deposit, those who would aggressively refuse to fix those old pipes in the bathroom ....and so on.

So again, why don't we have a list of "bad landlords" in Hong Kong?

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