Looking for a Good Renovation Contractor

Posted by HOLIDAY 2 3 yrs ago

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hannahBB 3 yrs ago

Are you currently looking for the good renovation contractor? I cant find your original post.. But seems like archiparti is pretty good. Haven't got the reviews from asiaxpat but I just find it pretty decent. You can check their website (archiparti.co) and i'll tell you when i get any reply from asiaxpat :)

Have a nice day!

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HOLIDAY 2 3 yrs ago
Hi there,

I have a very reliable contractor with reasonable price as he is a local (called CK), his quotation will be less than a design firm a lot, also never mark up the price because you are the expatriate. He can speak fluent English and quotation is free of charge.

I posted a similar topic before, unfortunately was deleted by the forum. Apparently, I can’t post his full name & phone no. here, but if you need more details, let me know, I will PM you! (Or try to search it from the above old thread)

Hope this can help!

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marcusboy 3 yrs ago

I am interested in getting details of your contractor too. Please can you PM me his details. Thank you.

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Divia 3 yrs ago
CK’s contact details
+852 9682 1422

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marcusboy 3 yrs ago
Thank you.

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Craig000 2 yrs ago

CK has been working as our regular contractor for our shops and offices renovations and renewals for years. He's offering so far reasonable prices to us, delivering on time with quality.

My boss is an Aussie who owns couple brands of cafe and bar. His apartment in island south was just fully renovated by CK and he commented CK was attentive and responsible.

Getting a responsible renovation contractor in hk is pretty difficult I know, especially for expats. CK is no doubt a good helper!

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Ed 2 yrs ago
Avoid Wolfgang Derler:


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Ronaldkkk 2 yrs ago
Hi everyone,

I followed old posts here and found CK for our florist shop renovation in Sai Ying Pun. Our place was very old with a dingy shabby basement, so we gotta have a complete renovation.

Within 2 months (even faster than our agreed contract period), CK has turned our old place into a brand new shop, with not only a clean and ventilated basement and also a comfortable office space at 2/F.

He's really amazing as he achieved, without errors, our design thoughts on shop front and inside, perfect lighting and very practical plumbing and drainage system. He has a strong technical team to build a complicated but decent freezer (made of double insulated glass walls) for us, which is no doubt the highlight of our shop.

We'll definitely call him again for any future works, and would like to share with anyone who gonna do renovation.

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XuMinji 2 yrs ago
I would like to second this post thread: I am so pleased to have Creative Health Renovation Contractor working on my flat. My flat was renovated ten years ago so I was looking for a reliable partner to do it up. The challenge was that I am not living in Hong Kong and Cantonese is not my first language. Mr. CK or Karl is such a life saver. He is a good communicator in written and oral English.

For the whole week of the project, while I was still away, he managed the project very well and provided me updates every day via WhatsApp. It is just so refreshing to work with a contractor who is reliable and a good communicator. When I got to HK eventually to check the flat, I am very satisfied with the job done.

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jemtomfrance 2 yrs ago
I need a contractor too. Please share CK's contact details. Thank you.

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HOLIDAY 2 2 yrs ago
CK’s contact details
+852 9682 1422

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snaker 21 mths ago
We just used Ck and creative health renovation to completely redo our old walkup apartment. He and his team were great in providing quality work at a good cost. We did some work ourselves and ck was very helpful in advising us in ways to reduce costs. Very happy with the end results and agree with all the previous reviews. Ck speaks perfect English which was crucial to avoid confusion and we highly recommend anyone looking for a good, honest contractor to contact Ck.

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Jonasjonas 18 mths ago
We’ve searched and tried many contractors for our previous home renovations, and finally got a right one who can be bookmarked in our phone list!
We appointed CK to remodel our apartment in Hill Road , it’s finished in early September and the result is so refreshing! With budget concern, we could only renew our kitchen and bathroom, repaint built-in cabinet and wall and ceiling, grind and polish timber flooring, and make a set of wardrobe. Though CK was not the cheapest quote, he made perfect workmanship on all these works and completed the project earlier than our expectations.
We enjoy our brand new place so much now and would recommend CK to anyone looking for a good contractor.

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BChristy 13 mths ago
We got the contact of CK from here and used him and his team to renovate our existing flat.
We didn't have a designer for our project, just gave CK some hand sketches and reference pictures for our ideas, together with couple of model numbers of appliances. Surprisingly he worked them out very well.
From design briefing, taking care of management office and insurance, or material purchases and deliveries, we didn't need to bother at all, CK took very good care on them.
We went to Mong Kok with him once for materials selection and that's it. He got the best prices from his regular vendors and arranged deliveries to site on his own.
In 4 months, our 1200sq. ft. apartment was totally refreshed. I’m really happy with his work, he did live up to his reviews!!

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Tommychung 8 mths ago
Thanks Asiaexpat! I came back from Canada 6 months ago and looked for some good contractors to renew my old office. This forum is so valuable for those not familiar with HK renovation market, just like me!
I found CK's contact and we did some video chats. After site inspection and measurements, he gave me many inspiring design ideas and some very practical suggestions.
My office is about 1,700 sq ft located in western district. CK and his team renovated and furnished it within 2 calendar months, even faster than my expectation!

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Katieeee 4 mths ago
I got a wonderful one stop service by Creative Health Renovation!

I live in Canada and have a rental apartment in HK which needed renewal after my 10 years tenant left :( CK sent his foreman to check up all defects and impaired fittings, and I was on a video call with them throughout the inspection. It's so satisfying that I could see every corner of my place without getting back to HK under pandemic. CK even recorded a short video to my renewed apartment, so I could forward to rental agencies.

My renovation project was so enjoyable and smooth, it was a really good value for money. Here's his fb page, maybe a good reference to anyone who's looking for a good contractor. (Tips: I gave it a like and CK offered me some special discounts ^.^)

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Shauncres 28 days ago
By referencing previous threads here, I hired CK for my apartment renovation starting at early April. Feeling excited and I will post my experience after completion!

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