Be careful when you buy a village house in Saikung


Posted by chrissaikung 10 mths ago
I was about to invest chunk of millions for Saikung village house. I saw several houses in Chi Fai Path, Nam Sham, Hing Kent Shek, and inside the country parks.

Some houses look very beautiful with its private swimming pool and a separate maid quarter. The price tag is huge but tempting..

However it turned out that the land was government land and pool was illegally built .

Please be careful for buying a village house in Saikung. It looks beautiful because it is fully renovated...BUT it can be all illegal.

If it is illegal, if one day you got caught by the government, you need to demolish every single illegal structures.

It is always wiser to buy a house with indeed land or at least STT (short term lease of the land approved by government) so no hassle after.

There are some houses with some illegal structures but with exemption scheme which is safe from illegality, but this scheme is not existing anymore. It was a nice self declaration system 6 years ago to report their own illegal structures but it was too much to handle for government.

Honestly, how can they build the pool or garden or maid quarter illegally on the government land as if it is your own?

The agent will tell you it is normal practice in Saikung, well then they should buy one like that ...

Good luck for those who are looking for a house. Don't be trapped into the huge mistake.

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