Hong Kong Needs a 'New Deal'

Posted by Ed 12 mths ago

The HK government has had 5 years since the 2014 protests to listen ... and respond to the concerns of the people of Hong Kong.

When you get millions of people on the streets --- from all walks of life ---- shutting down the roads into your business district .... surely there should be recognition that there is a very serious problem.

Yet nothing has been done.

We are told that now is not the time to negotiate because whatever is offered will be rejected.

So instead, the fire burns ever more intensely and the economy is Titanicking.

One of our Super Monday’s partners informed us that they are closing the doors tomorrow due to a collapse in business due to the protests.... many more businesses are on the edge of the abyss...

Let me make a  suggestion:

Introduce a 'New Deal' along the lines and scale of what the US government did during the Great Depression.


Target the elderly providing them with enough of a pension to live with dignity. 80-year-old women should not be pushing around heavy carts piled with cardboard. 

Introduce a massive public housing initiative and to show seriousness, send in the bulldozers in September and flatten the Fanling golf course. The symbolic value of that action would be the equivalent of a water bomber dropping its load onto a raging inferno.

80-year-old men should not be living in cages.


Hong Kong has reserves of USD1.835 TRILLION


And the city runs massive budget surpluses most years.

Most countries around the world are running enormous deficits... yet they don't have people living in cages.


Perhaps the government might consider investing some of that monumental money pile into the people of Hong Kong to encourage them to not burn down their city.


The stakes could not be higher --- what is needed is decisive leadership and an immediate, massive plan of action.
Once unthinkable events play out every weekend on the streets of Hong Kong ... it's time for the HK government to do what was once unthinkable and right this ship.

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