Pls recommend no-fee Cash Back credit cards for local spending.


Posted by childfree 7 mths ago
1. My annual income is $400K HKD.

2. No annual fee. I don't know if all CCs allow you to telephone yearly to request them waived.

3. Cash back. I seldom fly or travel to anywhere but Canada, my home, where I already have many CCs. I don't want airline points.

4. I spend just HKD, chiefly on groceries.

I already tried aggregators, but I'm bewildered and hoodwinked by the proclaimed cash-back percentages for too many different categories, compared to Canadian credit cards that have far fewer categories and thus whose cash-back rewards are much easier to understand.

5. Am I correct that I can't say which aggregators I used? Or which hoodwinking Hong Kong CCs I've referring to? I saw someone get banned because they mentioned them.

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Ed 7 mths ago
In terms of annual fees, I have requested that be waived with HSBC and they have agreed to do so each year.   That probably depends on how much your total spend is though.

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trefronto 7 mths ago
moneyhero com hk can be shown in English and they show info of various credit cards, including cash back.

i use the big blue US bank's one. No annual fee. Even if there's a fee, u can usually argue with them for a waiver. U can come up with any ridiculous excuse to do so. Late payment fee, too, just call and argue.

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koolatp4 7 mths ago
I think this blog can give you a proper recommendation:

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