Is deferred annuity a good investment?


Posted by Slowxfish 18 days ago
I've got someone just talked to me about this product lately. Still not so sure, heard cash will be trapped for years

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KarenIp 17 days ago
Hi slowxfish,

It depends on what you're aiming for, because the maximum tax deductible limit is ~10,000hkd each year per taxpayer, still a good number for some high-income taxpayers. However, it is a long-term insurance contract for the purpose of converting your capital into long-term stable income for retirement, definitely not for pursuing a high return.

p.s. 31 March 2020 is the end of the annuity period of 2019/20, done it before the date if you're considering about it.

PM me if you need consultations, I'm an insurance agent from AIA.


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