Take precautions before buying over-priced village houses in Saikung or Clearwater Bay

Posted by chris22298 3 mths ago
When you live in the appartement in HK side, living in a house with a garden is a dream... And when you see the price of the village house in Saikung or CWB, you think it is a bargain..

BUT living in a village house is not as simple as you think.

I used to live in a beautiful village house in Saikung ... private gate, pool and garages...

Well, I got constant robberies. I have security system in a house, but still the main land Chinese sneaked in during the night. Thank God my security alarm rang when the window was opened but they are nasty bustards ... they cut our trees to enter the gate.

In 2013, there was a big police case in Chi FAI Path... there was a helicopter to search all these thieves who tried to rob 2 houses. I lived nearby so I moved out after this incident . Enough!

After all these years.. when I see the crazy price tag of village house .. I just want to tell all the buyers... be careful with a scam!

The beautiful detached house with huge garden costs between 20-30M... BUT agents never tell you attractive options are all illegal, . Basically owner constructed or used the garden area without the permission of government.

Let’s say the pool is illegal... and one day you get busted, you need to demolish With your own costs. And worst scenario, the govt may put the barrier with the panel saying « government land »in your own yards. I saw this with my own eyes.

Friendly neighbours? Yeah right.. some local crazy couples have 7 untrained dogs who constantly bark in the nights and never pick up the poop in front of the house. They never say hello, put the mess on the street...

The car space? Be careful specially in Clearwater Bay... all the triads control the parking space and you need to pay 2000 hkd per month.

Sadly Saikung is not as quiet and safe as before... you give a lot of profits to seller who have bought this house with a peanut. I was in Saikung since 2003.. village house cost 5 M ...

But still want to buy the house?

Go ahead with my precaution...
- check STT or Indeed land
- check pool, terrace, roof top, mais quarter is Illegal.
- ideally check land search so any fussy things were previously reported.

Anything illegal can risk in the future!
Good luck!

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