Palazzo - are BOTH sides noisy?!

Posted by kat88 4 yrs ago
Anyone living in The Palazzo In Fotan out there? Had thought that the side facing the factory area would be quieter than facing the highway. But recently heard that flats facing the railway maintenance centre also get some noise late at night.. any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!

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serenityautumn 4 yrs ago
Uh, do so. I stayed at both, and somewhere, there are reports of both from me. I might just have had bad luck at the Palazzo, but it was crowded, I had loud parties in the rooms on all sides of me, and there was no sound insulation. Someone has managed to break into my room at around 3 a.m. one morning. Security and security took ages to respond. Have stayed at the Cosmopolitan many times-sound proofing even safer as I think it was designed not as a hotel to be flats.

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kat88 4 yrs ago
Many thanks SerenityAutumn, your comments are appreciated. Sounds like you had a run of bad luck there indeed.

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