All Macau Casinos Will Shut Down Monday As COVID Outbreak Worsens

Posted by Ed 11 mths ago 

The world's largest gambling hub, Macau, will shutter almost all casinos and non-essential businesses for a week from Monday as an outbreak of COVID-19 spreads across the autonomous region on the south coast of China.

AFP quotes Macau's top city official Andre Cheong in a press conference Saturday who said the gambling hub would enter "static management" between July 11-18, during which casinos will be closed. Only essential businesses like supermarkets, gas stations, and pharmacies will remain open.


The measure comes as Macau on Saturday reported 71 new COVID infections. A total of 1,374 infections have been recorded since June 18, a low number though high enough for the city to implement mainland China's strict zero-COVID policy.


Last week, authorities closed Macau's most popular casino, the Grand Lisboa, after 13 infections were reported at the casino/resort complex. 

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