Sex Therapist in Hong Kong?



Posted by Blackcanary78 4 yrs ago
Can anyone help to recommend a good sex therapist in HK for couples? Preferably with proper qualifications and a decent amount of experience.

A friend suggested Nikki Green but understand she's no longer in HK... Any other ideas?



Blackcanary78 4 yrs ago
Didn't get much help here, but In case anyone else is looking for a sex therapist, we've started seeing Cynthia Ho. So far, so good....

FISHERmen 4 yrs ago
Fresh married and im soffering :(

sarah jane jj 4 yrs ago
Nikki was working with Skype I will contact her and find out for you
Btw she's a friend of mine

kylcheung124 3 yrs ago
We are currently seeing Dr. Iwaya. You can shoot her an email at for enquiry.

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