Would a local girl like to marry a refugee in HK?


Posted by Zakie 23 mths ago

I'm just curious about this. Refugees/asylum seekers are often discriminated here in HK and people look down on them without caring to know what they have gone through in their lives. They are also humans and probably much more sensitive, having a true sense of the cruel life they have gone through...these people have soft places in their hearts and will never try to hurt anyone's feelings. So,.my question is, would a local girl want to marry a refugee of HK, without caring what his nationality race religion is? Are there really any good hearted ladies who are.willing to marry these guys in HK? I know some Chinese women here are gold diggers,.they want a well earning husband or will probably happily marry a divorced man with kids if hes financially stable. But why dont they think that these refugees can also earn well as most of them are professionals and if given a chance to improve their life quality, they can and will earn more to give their wifes everything because after all she married him and sponsored his visa. In return, he will give her his life....so local ladies, will you ever accept a refugee?

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bananaq 23 mths ago
Are you a refugee? most of the so called refugee in hong kong are from south asia like pakistan, india bangladesh, sri lanka. i dont know how they become refugee but i do believed most of them are just looking for a greener pasture and using refugee thing as a cloak.

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Zakie 23 mths ago
It doesnt matter if I am a refugee or not. My point is to know if girls here would marry a refugee or not...and this thing is clear, most of u chinese people think they are fake without actually having the slightest clue about their background stories..HK people nowadays are pretty educated but why are they still so narrow minded? Not intending to cause offense to anyone here but this is coming out of experience from some of my friends.

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bananaq 23 mths ago
I suggest that you try to ask local ladies if they accept to marry you. your the only one that can answer your question.

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Zakie 23 mths ago
haha dude thanks for your thoughts and ideas.thats what am trying to do here but havent got any answers yet.

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londongrime 23 mths ago
It depends on the girl, no point stereotyping, some local girls like western men some do not! same with all races. Variety is the spice of life!

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Indiaboy800 20 mths ago
The major problem is the fake base line.
Let me explain.
As per my observation and experience, there are no major war or such kind of conditions in south Asia (eg. Pakistan/India/Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) Its the economic and population disaster there in those countries. Where the young male population of those countries are seeking the greener grass and find the ways to settle in the developed countries like Hong kong. Due to HK have a soft immigration/border system where these people fly from their native countries to China and from China they way into HK through illegal means to claim the refugee status. I am 100% sure if HK government declared all the refugees has to be held in a special area. (Not allowed to walk freely on the streets) the 90% of them will stop even thinking of coming to Hong Kong.
Which means the 90%+ of the so called refugees are fake. And here is the first baseline fake fact on which the whole structure is standing on.
Now come back to your question 'Local girl like to marry a refugee'
Why does a local girl wish to marry a fake status person? Who's motive is just find the greener grass and motive to marry a local girl just for the sake of ID card for the better life in coming years. The local girls knows very well that as soon as the refugee hit the 7yrs and apply for the permanent residence they will simply divorce the local girl and will apply for the visa for their native wife and kids residing somewhere in those south Asian countries.
There are local woman who married with refugees (very low percentage) and its more like give an take. But it does not restrain for very long run.
The rest just don't want to be a part of this stupid game.

Hope it answer the question.

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WildgirlHK 19 mths ago
Agreed, What real refugee now a day we have in asia??
How about asking those parent why give birth in poor / not certain, not only conditions of living but also chance or hope in future?! These questions may be should bring to country's policy... or What is a good country management? or What if leaders of a country should love or not their citizens?!

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Indiaboy800 19 mths ago
Very well said Wilkgirlhk. Thats why from your message the conversation almost ended.

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Ed 19 mths ago
I have inadvertently banned an account on this thread... if you can get in touch I will reinstate info@asiaxpat.com

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francis_3 18 mths ago
You said that HK local ladies are educated, that's why they are choosy and inteligent people because they want their future to be stable. They will not marry a refugee who's just dependent in government subsidies.
They are not racist with the color of your skin or from which country you belong, they just want to secure their futures. Im not offending the refugees here in HK, but the way you ask the question is your the one looking for a greener pasteur. Just my opinion but it's true.....

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Hatex 17 mths ago
I am asylum seekers refugi from Morocco I am married local hongkong girl.. She know I am a refuge but she still married me and we love each other.. Don't matter your skin or relageion or you from where it's about love... Som hongkong people specialy police they think all refuges are criminals and bad.. It's wrong..... Som of refugees they do 6 something eligal becouse they don't alow theme to work that why... How can we survive? Just iss coupon and 200 transportation?

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Zakie 14 mths ago
Hi Hatex

Its really nice to know you found ur love here in Hk..not all refugees are lucky like you. Life is hard for refugees here specially if local people and police think they are criminals. .No we are not.
I met few local girls and they only go to expensive restaurants, eat shopping and then say bye..I dont mind spending money on a girl and making her happy bt is that all a girl wants? a guy with lots of money to buy things for her? local girls have ridiculously high standards...where did u find ur love, Hatex? i wish i was as lucky as u...maybe introduce her friend to me?

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