divorce in hongkong

Posted by jayrdarks15 20 mths ago
i am a filipino working in macau. and i want to have a divorce to my wife. we have our marriage in the philippines. can i have a divorce in hongkong? and it will be recognized by vietnam? because i want to marry a vietnamese girl. thank you so much for your advice.. i am hoping for help.. tha k you so much..

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bananaq 20 mths ago
No divorce in Philippines you should know that. You need to file an annulment in Philippines and it is a lengthy process that requires litigation and cause a lot of money. Once it is approve then you can marry your girlfriend. Another way is to convert to Islam like your famous actor so you can marry more than 1 up to 4 if you can afford it but i doubt it that your Vietnamese girlfriend will approve the idea and she may just dump you.

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jayrdarks15 20 mths ago
i have read here that divorce in other country is recognize by other country except philippines. and they can remarry on other citizen using the divorce papers that they processed in hongkong. am i right?

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lkca 18 mths ago
If you need legal help, pm me.

I dont know the full details of your case, but in gist, it doesnt seem like HK will handle your divorce.
To have proceedings in HK, you need to show that HK is the most convenient forum to hear your case.
As your marriage was in phils and you work in Macau, what connections do you have w/ HK to have the HK Courts hear your case? Doubtful unless the bulk of your property is in HK or your kids go to school here...etc.

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