Separating not married with a 10 year old child


Posted by penne 12 mths ago
A friend is going through a really difficult separation. She can't eat, sleep and is stressed out. She has a 10 year old daughter and has been with her partner for over 15 years. Her partner is giving her the run-a-round regarding financial support and wants custody of the child. Devastated and vulnerable I wish I could help her. I can't give her any advise and she can't afford legal fees. She wants to resolve it amicably in the interest of the child and wants to know her rights and put that forward to him. If he's unreasonable I would assume she would have to take it further. I suggested a mediator. Has anyone out there been through this situation? (you can PM) And does anyone know of a good mediator and lawyer? I think she's in for a battle according to what she has confided in me.

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Chivas21 12 mths ago
Your friend may approach the Hong Kong courts for free legal advice which is situated in Wan Chai near the Hong Kong immigration department.

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