Visit visa for marriage in Hk.Any help?

Posted by poison 16 mths ago
Hi All,

I'm here seeking a little help for my friend. I've also sent an enquiry to the immigration dept but it wasn't of much help.

My question is, I have a friend here in Hk, she recently got divorced, wants to marry a guy who was here in HK before as a refugee but went back to his home country before they could get married.

Now she wants to apply for his visit visa, she's a little worried about that, whether the immigration dept will accept his visit visa since he was a refugee here before.

The reason for applying for his visit visa is, they will get married here during his stay in hk. Then he will go back after the wedding and she will apply for his dependent visa.

Can anyone suggest if this is the best way to get them together? My friend went through so much pain with her ex-husband, she never got the love she deserved from him and now when she finally found the love of her life, he is away from her. Pls suggest what she should do, should she apply for his visit visa to get married here? The immigration will accept his visit visa or not?He has a very clean background, no record of any sort of crime at all.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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