Top 50 Honeymoon Destinations of 2019

Posted by Ed 17 mths ago
The idea is that you'll only do it once, thus your honeymoon is one of those high-stakes trips to plan. "Nowadays, with more couples marrying later in life, often after years of already living together, the honeymoon is a great time to make a shared check off of the bucket list destination trip, and do something bigger, bolder, or over a longer period of time than usual.

The honeymoon is about making memories and stories to last a lifetime," says Joan Roca, founder of the bespoke travel site the Essentialist. Roca, who has planned honeymoons to everywhere from the Seychelles (his recommended place to stay is the Raffles hotel in Praslin) to Kyoto, says his advice, while common sense, often gets overlooked in the planning: give yourselves a few days to readjust to the new time zone and remember that shared discovery is important, so try and go some place neither of you have been.

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Ed 17 mths ago

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