Urgent Divorce question pls help


Posted by poison 11 mths ago
Hi all,

I want to know if divorce in a foreign country is valid in HK or not? I have a hk permanent resident friend who got married in pakistan and has 2 kids, her husband got permanent residency through their marriage but now their marriage has broken down, she wants to divorce him.
My question is that, can they divorce in pakistan or they have to file it here in HK? The divorce process is easier and simple in pakistan so she wants to do it there through a lawyer while still staying here in HK. Will her divorce paper be accepted here in hk, specially if later she wants to marry another man?
whats the process can anyone suggest?

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Umerzai 7 mths ago
Hi there!
if a person divorces his or her spouse back in other country; the divorce documents are still valid but the issue may arise regarding the children ‘s welfare.. like custody and maintenance.

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Indiaboy800 5 mths ago
The best thing she can do is to apply for 'separation' in hong kong through the family courty.
What she will get easily here is the custody of her children. this can happens in couple of months. (process)

The dark side of pakistan's applying or giving divorce is that you need to be present in pakistan. As in pakistan a new rule been in place where the divorce given person need to be in person there and there every city/village union council is instructed to notify the other party appoint a person in terms of the groom/brides side to sit in this matter. But the first hearing is must be through the person in charge.
As pakistan does not accept girls dirovce so the only way is the seperation rit in pakistan.

The best and easy way is hong kong and once those documents received she can distribute it to pakistan consulate and the city where their marriage happens.


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