why teens act the way they do

Posted by Ed 14 mths ago
The brain is the last human organ to develop fully, but only recently has science established that it isn’t fully grown until a person reaches about 30 years of age.

This helps to explain why behaviour during the teenage years – when an adolescent body is also exploding with hormonal changes – may sometimes be erratic, apparently unreasonable and often frustrating. The fact is their brains are trying to keep up with the rest of their bodies.

Philip Watkins, an Australian-trained, Hong Kong-based naturopath, with more than a decade of clinical practice treating clients of all ages, explains the cerebral changes during what has been called a time of “tinderbox emotions”.
The brain evolves both structurally and functionally during adolescence, he says. During this time, “synaptic pruning” occurs, a process in which connections in the brain that are used often are strengthened through repetition, and connections that aren’t used so much are weakened.

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