The Key to Female Attractiveness?

Posted by Ed 14 mths ago
What makes women attractive?
It's a simple question, but it has been a topic of debate among evolutionary psychologists and anthropologists for decades.
One one side, there are scholars who argue that female fertility and perceived health are the key determinants of judgments of physical attractiveness.
They point to evidence showing that a small waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) and a low body mass index (BMI)—two traits that are generally preferred by men—are more likely to be found in women with enhanced health and fertility.
On the other side, some scientists believe nubility—that is, perceived youthfulness—is the key ingredient.
Scholars in this camp cite evidence that men are most attracted to women who have only recently entered physical and sexual maturity (and who have not yet been pregnant), as these are clear signs of high reproductive potential.
In many ways, these two hypotheses are at odds with each other. In well-nourished populations, nubility peaks around ages 15-19, while maximum fertility is not reached until the mid- to late-20's.

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