Marrying an Asylum Seeker

Posted by hongkonghomeforever 9 mths ago
Hi, I'm a permanent HK resident (ex-pat) and have been in a relationship for some time with an asylum seeker (African).
We are looking to get married.
Would he be eligible to get a dependent visa? He doesn't have a criminal record.

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bananaq 9 mths ago
I suggest that you go to the immigration department because of the situation in HK right now.

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hongkonghomeforever 9 mths ago
Ok let’s say Hong Kong was back to the way it has always been?

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bananaq 9 mths ago
You cannot just marry an asylum seeker that is why i suggested that you go to immigration department to find out if you really have a chance to get married. Take note that your partner is stateless right now.

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