Meeting expats in HK

Posted by dingo2006 4 mths ago
I don’t find serious dating apps in HK. Can anyone recommend a way to meet English speaking single guys between 35 and 45 in HK? Which cross fit gyms / boot camps are good for group meet-ups? I need a class environment so that people can talk to each other regularly.
I found photography classes but they are mostly one or 2 classes only. Also, job market is bad. I can’t easily change job. Any good venues around Central? I think people usually have nothing in common if they meet through online dating and bars or social events...

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Ed 4 mths ago
PURE Fitness in Hong Kong organizes weekend activity get-togethers from time to time.   I have not been in HK for some months but the last time I was there they had a Saturday dodgeball all-day tournament where they organized interested members into teams....  that would be a great way to meet people.

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