Posted by BilboBaggins1 3 mths ago
My wife and I are planning to get divorced and have spoken to a number of the supposedly recommended English-speaking divorce lawyers in Hong Kong. I am offput as it has quickly become clear that the "market" for legal advice on divorce matters here consists of a small clique of quite mediocre but mutually connected and conflicted persons.
Some are even unmarried and have no family of their own leaving me to doubt their competence and empathy. Does anyone have a recommendation for a mediator who can be approached directly for help with child matters so that we can take the lawyers, and their costs, completely out of the equation, or just have them write up the final terms of separation and childcare? Thank you.

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PeterHau 3 mths ago
If u got married in HKG then try apply joint application @ Family court in WanChai North next to immigration tower.

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Ed 3 mths ago
Here's the HK Family Court website

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MsJones 3 mths ago
It is so disgusting to read that a working professional, in your view, needs to have given birth to have feelings. I hate str8 ppl like you. I hope your lawyer takes you thru EOC and I hope your wife strips you of your wealth. Good riddance from HK.

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