advice pls.. my husband wants a divorce after almost 20 years of marriage



Posted by hayhay 2 yrs ago
this is going to be our 20 years anniversay, he suddendly wanted a divorce! it was shocked to me. we have 2 kids. anyone can recommend a good lawyer pls?


D_S 2 yrs ago
I used Gall. Very good law firm and offer honest advice.

Baap 2 yrs ago
Why not try to sort it out, instead of looking immediately for cash?

hayhay 2 yrs ago
we did try, and he still insist to end our marriage. for me it is totally not easy to make this decision... i realized that there is something that out of my control.

JennyTalia 2 yrs ago
Have a look at this website:

JennyTalia 2 yrs ago
Hmmm ! Did she "make up", or are we looking for a "Runaway Wife" - or worse yet, a corpse yet to be found??

I really hate to be left waiting for an "interesting thread" to be concluded !

JennyTalia 22 mths ago
Well, after THREE months of waiting around for the denouement, I suppose that "HAYHAY" has been turned into a "Straw Woman" & been "baled out" by her errant husband - never to be heard of again (Either of them).

Or will the saga resume again - much later?

Pretty disgusting that he has dumped his wife - presumably for a younger model !

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