Hostess bars in China and what really goes on...



Posted by glowingesperasza 10 yrs ago
Ok, I have heard many stories about hostess bars in China and that when men go in, they can either have a hostess assigned to them or choose the girls on their own. The girls light their cigarettes and play games with them, etc. I am curious about these places and want to ask some brave men to step forward and share their stories of what actually happens in these place? How a typical night can look like...I know many other women are also curious too! Is it true that they are just a front for prostitution...or is there something more?


evildeeds 10 yrs ago
I've been in many of these places in China - probably over 100 times in the last few years. Simple, you choose the size of room and are then taken there. Various Mama-sans come in with a line of girls and the guys pick a girl as their companion. If they don't like the girls in the first batch then another batch come in. Lot's of drinking and drinking games usually over dice. The girls are there to also top up your glass all of the time so more beer flows.

Not all the girls are prostitutes, but of course some are and I've seen guys disappear upstairs for a while with the girl of their choice. What amazes some of my colleagues is that I never pick a girl and certainly would not even think of anything else. The first few times I went to these places I found it mildly amusing but with time it becomes extremely tedious.

So some of these places are a front for prostitution, some are not. It depends what place you are in, etc. Some men enjoy going to these places, others do not. It's not my thing but sometimes business takes me to these places. Given a choice I would not bother!

cookie09 10 yrs ago
glowingesperasza, if you are really that interested, why don't you go to see yourself and then report back to us here? ;-)

women in b-2-b sales in china go to these places regularly as it's part of the china sales process to entertain your clients. usually starts with dinner and lots of beer, then move to a ktv in a '5* hotel'. sing karaoke, girls helping to fill up drinks, etc.

nothing seedy up till that point - except that i usually don't like the environment and would prefer a regular pub if available at all.

from that point onwards you usually have a choice to select a girl if you like (either they come into the room for presentation as described above or you go outside to the 'chosing area' depending how seedy the place is), then you sing more, drink more, chat, etc.

I have not experienced nor has any friend or colleague ever experienced any nakedness or PDA (e.g. kissing, massage, etc.) up to this point.

then the host will usually say that 'all is included' and it's up the guy to do what he likes (e.g. nothing, everything or something in between) but that would be outside of the KTV room.

I had one or two such experiences myself (in China and other SE-Asian countries), but most of the 'story' i know from my Chinese wife who used to do b-2-b sales with SOEs in China.

last but not least, in very seldom cases i was told that they even have guys for selection for the business ladies :)

cookie09 10 yrs ago
btw, i once met a hotel management person in China and he told me that most Chinese hotels make between 1/3 and 1/2 of the total hotel revenue from the KTV/Massage area...

kalia 10 yrs ago
Ann Dives,

Do you mean Bottoms Up? I used to go there alot way back when, as a couple of my friends were working there occasionally. They were western backpackers and used to be topless and sit in the middle of a round bar but they certainly never went home with guys, although there were certainly girls that did. Same goes for B Boss and China City, before the handover these places were filled with western backpackers dressed up nicely, talking, dancing and singing karaoke but if i remember correctly, they used to separate the girls who do and the girls that don't!

glowingesperasza 10 yrs ago
I appreciate all the views. i find it fascinating and perhaps I will go in and have a look for myself. Somehow I thought women were not welcome!!! I guess i like what sad sack was saying though. If you just wanted a beer with your mates you would just go to a pub:) very true

evildeeds 10 yrs ago
If there were pubs. There are many areas in China where there are no pubs or bars at all.

Seems that there are some people who have no self control and don't understand others who do. Just because some of us have gone to these places does not mean that we participate in activities that others expect. I'm happy with that. Others with no self control will of course accuse others of lying but all that means is we can hold our heads higher knowing exactly what the truth is.

glowingesperasza 10 yrs ago
I have to agree with you evildeeds, well put:)

the goddess kali 10 yrs ago
'Don't forget that the 'nightclub in China' experience is part of doing business there. It is a mechanism that helps to conclude deals that make money for both parties.'

SUCH BS.. i have been in china for four years now, along with hubby, we run two successful businesses, deal with a LOT of chinese suppliers all without ever having to participate in this part of mechanism.

Ofcourse we do know that there are expats who willingly go for this kind of thing and their whole excuse is like that of Ann dives above.

cookie09 10 yrs ago
kali this is interesting and maybe there are different type of businesses. can i ask whether you deal with government officials or SOEs as major suppliers or customers in your two businesses?

my personal experience as far as it goes is that dinner/KTV sessions are more prevalent with the two listed above and less with export oriented or hk owned businesses

RealMadRidd 10 yrs ago
I feel sorry for some of the women who are posting on here - so much anger, hate and suspicion.

Observer 10 yrs ago
Re message from the goddess kali: you've answered your own question - if all your meetings with suppliers include you and your husband then of course they will not invite you to a karaoke parlour !!!!!

Just don't lecture me that it is BS to say that sometimes men have to go with business contacts to nurture the relationship, when it quite clearly is "expected" of you. I have done so, and there is no problem at all if you don't want to "participate", no-one is holding a gun to your head.

cookie09 10 yrs ago
sorry billybats and observer but i have to disagree with you: my chinese wife was a sales SVP in china and she has done numerous trip to KTVs for 'business meetings'. i have to say though that her clients were usually SOEs or government officials, which might be a category on its own

and of course it was not the KTVs where you pick a girl from the selection when you enter but more the ones where girls come and help serving, etc. (i have described that in my post above).

Observer 10 yrs ago
cookie09: you have made the key point, which is that your wife was invited to "non exotic" establishments !

My experience is that when I am alone on the mainland, I am invited to choose a girl on the basis that since my wife is not with me, then "out of sight = out of mind" ! But like I said, I've never felt or experienced the slightest pressure to participate. Wh